From corrective exercise, to general fitness, and into sport conditioning we work with all ages & fitness levels. 

Come in for an assessment, set a goal, and let our trainer show you how to get there. Our private studio ensures that you are comfortable and get personalized 1on1 attention at competitive rates.

Offered at KATC 

  • Assessment & Corrective Exercises
  • 1on1 Training
  • Small Group Training (up to 4 people)
  • Program Design (for at home or another gym)
  • Functional Fitness classes
  • “Movability” (Mobility Class)

*1on1 Training packages are valid for one year after purchase, so train as much or as little as you want. Come see us often or book in sessions as needed to check form or master new movements in your at home program.

Assessment & Corrective Exercises 

Start with a full body mobility assessment & Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

Assessment includes:

  • General lifestyle & health information (previous injuries, medical conditions, exercise limitations)
  • Postural assessment
  • Mobility/stability assessment of all joints & muscle groups
  • Functional Movement Screen (FMS)
  • Summary of the results (areas of concern, high priorities, solutions)
  • A corrective exercise plan

1on1 - Personal Training 

1on1 Training at KATC is comfortable and personalized thanks to our private training studio. Our training philosophy revolves around movement quality, strength training, and the injury prevention.

Why hire a personal trainer?

  • It keeps you accountable
  • Your efforts in the gym will yield better results
  • You will be less likely to injure yourself
  • You will progress quicker than you would on your own
  • You will learn movements & skills that will help you stay active for life
  • You will have improve your health, strength, & confidence

Small Group Training (up to 4 people)

There is no denying that the more often you work with a trainer the better your results will be. For those who are looking for results and want a more economical way to do it small group training is for you!

Program Design

Custom training plans for your home gym or wherever you train!

Burn fat, build muscle, and improve your athletic performance with a custom training plan based around your initial assessment, goals, and schedule.

Plans include:

  • Goal Setting
  • Training Schedule
  • Program Overview
  • Custom Warm up
  • Daily Training Plans (based on your goals)
  • Workout FAQ
  • Aerobic Training Schedule

Group Fitness Classes

*All classes are 60 minutes long

Functional Fitness – a combination of strength training & high intensity conditioning taught by Yana Gushchina Sloat

Movability - an introduction into the concepts of stretching and mobility. The class incorporates bodyweight exercises and fascial stretches to improve joint health. Movability is taught by Krista Gansterer.

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