Testimonial: Improving Quality Of Life

I was introduced to Carla 6 years ago through my sister Victoria who was being treated by Carla after an accident that left her with injuries that the doctors could not seem to explain or correct. Carla worked intensively on her twisted tailbone which has not given her any trouble since. I went to Carla because I was at the end of my rope. I had 13 vertebrae fused and rods put in my back when I was 15 and after 15 years of a pain free life I began experiencing pain that was taking over my life. I would have visits to the hospital for iv pain medication as the pain would get so bad I couldn't keep down the medication I took by mouth. I could not get "true" relief from pain medication, lidocaine injections, lidocaine infusions or physical therapy.. I was at the end of my rope. I went to KATC for a massage and after speaking with Carla about a treatment called MYOFACIAL RELEASE I felt "hope". She said she could help me. She fit me in to her schedule.

Carla asked a lot of questions and during my treatment she was able to recreate the many different painful experiences that I had explained. She worked to expose the root issue and correct the problems causing my pain. Carla was dedicated to improving my daily life. Pain had become the thing I feared most, I would avoid doing things I loved, afraid that I would be laid out from the pain. Before I started seeing Carla I was losing hope.

Her treatments have given me hope because she is committed to answering the question "why" and fixing the problem. I view Carla as an expert in the human body and the way it functions. She is the person I call when my body isn't working like it should (sort of like you call a mechanic to fix your car). Her treatments have allowed me to continue working full time and take less medication. I joke that after a session with her I go home and do laundry until after midnight... I am just so happy to do daily chores without pain... I can't make myself stop. lol

I am thankful and I feel blessed to be a patient of Carla's. KATC is a Clinic committed to improving quality of life for its clients."


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