Testimonial: Miracle Work

Circus life is not for me! Hurt my shoulder hanging from some trapeze rings attempting to lift my body weight. Couldn't pull a pound of me up but I sure did try! It wasn't long before I wasn't able to reach my right arm behind me, before too much longer I wasn't able to do a simple over the shoulder check without grimacing in pain. Thought I was resting it by not sleeping on my right side and pampering it a bit...giving it a rest I thought.

Seven months later the scar tissue presented itself to the point that I was becoming more left handed then I was ever meant to be, waking up a number of times through the night crying in pain because I had rolled over onto my right side, couldn't pick my purse up with my right hand. I was starting to accept the fact that I had damaged my shoulder to the point that it would forever be a challenge and reaching into the back seat of my car to grab something was a dim memory.

When it got to the point that I couldn't hold my 6 month old grandson for fear I'd drop him, or pick up my 3 year old grandson to give him a hug....I called KATC.

Don't wait that long!! Nobody needs to live in chronic pain, it ages you faster than those birthdays that seem to come quicker every year!

After my first treatment with Carla Brash...who should have 2 initials after her name.....M.W. for Miracle Worker!, I did an over the shoulder check without grimacing! After the second treatment, I could reach behind me! 4 treatments in and I could reach my arm straight up above me and sleep on my right side!

Today I lifted my 3 year old grandson up without thinking anything of it, just to hug him......he holds his body back from mine to look me straight in the face... Grandma...Look what you can do!!!.........................PRICELESS!!

Your very own Miracle Worker is just a phone call away! Pick up the phone:)


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