If I had to choose one word to describe KATC, it would be integrity.

"...more goals in Hockey last season than ever before (started playing hockey 9 years ago)."

I have seen improvements in flexibility, strength, confidence, exercise knowledge and maybe greatest of all … reduced low back pain (used to be quite bad)!

"I never envisioned that I could accomplish what I have at this stage in my life."

"KATC is a Clinic committed to improving quality of life for its clients."

"...I feel better generally and have more hope for my future health..."

"...4 months with an aching arm – totally annoying; 90 minutes with Catherine – priceless!"

"...Athletic Therapy I received from KATC that allowed me to run pain-FREE."

"I can run twice the distance and have increased the frequency of my runs and I have absolutely no pain at all!!!"

"Nobody needs to live in chronic pain...Your very own Miracle Worker is just a phone call away!"

"My pain has been reduced considerably, and I am now doing things I have not done in over 20 years..."

"...instead of just focusing on my tight quads, she used treatments on various parts of my body. The results were immediate..."

"Within one session, there was an instantaneous reduction in my back/leg pain."

"KATC's therapists are second to none due to their experience and level of care."

Educating, empowering, and supporting our community so that they are inspired to be the healthiest version of themselves.