All About Visceral Manipulation

 What is Visceral Mobilization?

The body’s internal organs are called the viscera and there is a connective tissue called fascia that surrounds the internal organs and structures of the body. Fascia is how everything in the body is connected together and covers muscles, ligaments, organs, blood vessels and the nervous system. Visceral Manipulation is a manual (hands-on) therapy consisting of gentle, specifically planned forces to the viscera and connective tissue to encourage normal mobility, tone and function. Visceral manipulation helps to restore proper function and motion of the organs if it has been impaired. Our bodies need movement to be healthy. This applies to organs as well – and to have optimal function there needs to be motion!

What causes tightness or lack of mobility?

There are many causes! Predominately, tissues lose their normal motion when they become adhered to adjacent tissues as a result of inflammation. Inflammation can lead to scar tissue, decreased blood flow and pain. Many factors can cause tissue inflammation including: infections, trauma, repetitive movement in dysfunction, allergies, diet, environmental toxins, childbirth, medications, surgery and emotional stress.

How would I know if my viscera is tight?

It depends, every individual is different! You may experience changes or dysfunction in your digestive system, urinary system, menstruation, or breathing if your viscera are restricted (this list is not complete). However, you won’t necessarily feel tension in your organs if they are tight! Your organs have many attachments including your spine, thorax, soft tissues and pelvis via fascia and ligaments. Due to the rich nerve supply, each organ can refer pain to different joints/parts of the body. Chronic low back or neck pain, hip and shoulder pain and injuries are probably the most common areas we see that are due to some visceral restrictions. These types of restrictions can be the missing link to nagging pains that are not improving!

What are the benefits of visceral treatment?

Having visceral treatments can increase circulation (blood flow), mobility of the joints and soft tissues improving overall health, healing ability, function of the organs and ultimately the individual.

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