About us

Kingston Athletic Therapy Centre (KATC) was founded as a home based business in the summer of 2008. Certified Athletic Therapists Carla Brash and Jean Soleyn had a vision to introduce a unique form of physical therapy (Athletic Therapy) to the Kingston area.

What makes Athletic Therapy different than others forms of physical therapy?

  • It focuses on finding the root cause of an injury and doesn’t just address the symptoms
  • By addressing the root cause it also reduces the risk of future or recurring injuries
  • It combines manual therapy with corrective exercise for rapid rehabilitation
  • The goal who the Athletic Therapist is to make you stronger and more resilient to injury than before
  • It uses “outside the box” thinking to address ailments with unique and complementary forms of manual therapy such as Cranial Sacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation

Within 2 years, KATC out grew its original space and moved to our current location at 1663 Venture Drive. Growing the space also meant growing services within the facility. Registered Massage Therapy, Personal Training and Nutritional Coaching were added to the KATC team.
In 2010 Carla and Jean were awarded the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award by Greater Kingston Chamber of Commerce.

Today KATC is a 4200 sq ft multidisciplinary facility that houses 5 Certified Athletic Therapists, 2 Registered Massage Therapists, 1 Registered Kinesiologist / Cryo Cabin Operator, and 1 Certified Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach.

Our facility includes 5 treatment tables in our open concept clinic, 4 private treatment/ massage rooms, a 650 sq/ft private training studio, and Kingston’s only Whole Body Cryotherapy chamber. We offer a range of services from Athletic Therapy to Concussion Management and work with people of all ages and activity levels.